About Us

Meltingbar.com is located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.
The Melting Bar has been specializing for over 10 years in the buying and melting of jewelry. We understand the special values and needs of our customers. The main reason we started the gold and jewelry business was because we found that many gold buying places completely fell short on offering honest pricing based on gold values.We have established ourselves as a reputable and viable company accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


We got the most for our gold. The service at Melting Bar was great. We got the most money for our metals and payment was instant. I would recomend this to all other Cash Gold business owners.

Managing Director


How it Works - 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Fill out our customer form
Download and fill out our customer form or call to talk to one of our representitves for a free consultaion.
Step 2
Recieve a call back and quote
Our experts will contact you back immediately and you will recieve a quote on your precious metals.
Step 3
Immediate Payment
Recieve immieadte payment. We pay cash or will wire transfer money once the forms our filled out and we recieve your precious metals. Quality Fast Service.